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Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced...

                                   James Baldwin

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Challenging thoughts can be a challenging task within itself. The idea of living a rewarding, fulfilling life does not have to only remain an idea but it can be a reality. Be the artist you never knew you were and begin to develop the masterpiece you want.





The University of Life


In every period of matriculation there are stages of development that we look forward to completing. A degree plan or curriculum is definitely helpful throughout our time in school, but what about life...where's the curriculum guide to that? One thing that I do know for sure is that these are a few classes that most people are going to have to endure. Take a look... 

Responsibility 101.01

       Location: TBD (To be determined)

Confusion 300.02 (Extra hours required)

        Location: Sometimes at the craziest places and times

Change 525.00 (Advanced Course)

         Location: Can occur at anyplace

Adjustment 200.00

          Location: Whenever, wherever your ready

     So far, I have yet to come across anyone with a 4.0 average

My approach...

The Holistic philosophy is a principle that represents key relationships within yourself as well as the external elements viewed as essential for your well being. These components involve exploring the inner most being of a person as a whole. It evolves around the concept of knowing yourself, both the good and the bad. This exciting and innovative process encourages us to become aware of the behavioral changes that impact our world. 

My mission as a therapist is not to focus on just the intellect, but the emotion, instinct and intuition, as well as assist in the creation of a new place of being. This approach provides understanding,  awareness, intellect, insight, intuition and imagination through effort, empathy, and positive communication. We experience happiness, sadness, joy, laughter, and disappointment, lets experience that together


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