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'Good morning' (and 'good night')

Make it a habit to start your day saying 'good morning' and ending your evening with a 'good night.' A simple 'Good morning, sweetie' can start both of your days on a slightly brighter note. Climbing into the bed after a long day and saying 'good night' lets your partner know that the relationship and the connection you two have are a priority. Even if your schedules don’t allow the both of you to wake up and go to sleep at the same time, you can still make a quick call or text letting your other half know you're thinking about them. These little tips can strengthen your marriage in a single day

'How was your day?'

Many times couples will get so settled in their marriage that they tend to forget how they used to be, back when they talked to each other almost constantly. Don’t let this habit die. Sharing some of the highlights (and lowlights) of your day (and asking your spouse about theirs) is a great way to ensure that both of you are still a part of eac...

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